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East Berlin comes to East London: the genre-defying DIY trio 1914s sling their raw, aggressive power onto the dancefloor, and an insanely electrifying frontwoman to the stage.

Lead singer Shay brings a serious set of lungs and an almost frightening mystique to proceedings, backed up by a gut-wrenching rhythm section of beats/bass/synth played by Josephyn, and the unapologetic animal energy of guitarist and noise-maker Jimi.

With a heavy collective set of influences leaking out from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, 1920s anti-art to 1980s David Lynch; it’s all cut-and-pasted into 1914s’ 21st Century sonic collage and spit out on stage. 1914s have been honing their sound and stagecraft since forming in 2009.

They’ve gone on to make the play listings of BBC Radio6 Music, Amazing Radio DAB and Shoreditch Radio with their debut single and acclaimed matching art video of ‘Never Before’. All the planning and putting together of a multi art indoor festival around Dalston named COUP! cemented a residency, an article in The Evening Standard, a hot topic for cutting edge music blogs and a recent support with DJ Yoda. 1914s live set is a true, emotive whirlwind of a dance infested fantasy.

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