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The Cry Baby

Hailing from North London, Anna Waldmann writes honest songs with dark, clever lyrical and melodic hooks. Her unique music is largely shaped from a background of having to undertake adult responsibilities since she was a child, she was a full time carer for her mum and gran. This experience has resulted musically in an intriguing combination of the maturity of somebody who grew up too early and the childishness of somebody who wants their childhood back.

We spoke to Anna about what to expect from their debut Stow Festival performance, and she had this to say:

I would say our sound is a cross between live and electronic. Which is melodically, slightly classically inspired and surrounded by haunting atmospheres. Oh… and my voice is a bit odd! I sound a bit like a 10 year old.

Our influences are Radiohead, Bjork, Cocteau Twins, [American altera-rockers] Blonde Redhead, [Swedish electronica architects] Little Dragon, and loads more…I go blank when I’m asked this question.

We hope that we are able to take people out of real life for a bit with our music and get them into our kind of strange, sad, mystical place. It’s all about taking people away for a bit.

Anna accompanies herself on keys with child-like, classically inspired riffs. Lukasz Pajak creates the dark atmospherics on the Electric Guitar using effects pedals and Sam Campbell adds the drums. They are then surrounded by more atmospherics and heavy bass lines by Agostino Collura to complete their live performance sound and create music that is textured with haunting melodies.

“This band and singer really caught my attention when I accidently discovered them on twitter, it’s all hauntingly beautiful, Anna Waldmann’s voice is both relaxing and honest with little nuances that add to the beauty of the songs, no post production editing just straight up honest song-writing” – Tom Robinson, BBC6 Introducing

“Essentially what a Bjork/Portishead collaboration would sound like but a hell of a lot better. It’s tricky to describe their sound but have a listen for yourselves and get very exited because their live shows are absolutely fantastic” – Josh Stone, The Soft Machine

“It’s about time trip-hop made a come-back, particularly if it’s strung out and elegantly wasted” – Carl Lobe, DJ Mag

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