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Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee

Graham Larkbey & The Escape CommitteeGraham Larkbey & The Escape Committee are legends of the local music scene in Walthamstow. If you live in E17, you have probably seen them live, and if you haven’t, you really should. We can’t do better than to let them describe themselves in their own words:

“Our influences are drawn from early Faces, Stones, Byrds, pub rock, punk spirit, beer from the tap, football from the terraces, rusty Marshall amps, valves rather than transistors, Messrs Fender and Gibson, Pearl Export and Zyljian, never having enough pedals, John Peel and Five Live, catching the bus home after the gig, plastic bags as flight cases, getting all the kit into the taxi for the way home, Brick Lane bagels at 2am, last orders and lock ins, the Big Band that fits in your pocket, “near enough” tuning up, taking requests from the crowd, getting people up on stage, getting down into the audience, never having a long enough guitar lead, did I mention beer?…”

We heart them, and would recommend that you really should go and see them.

Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee Facebook Page