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Cherry White

Cherry WhiteCherry White seem like a highly unlikely combination. A drum tutor who had travelled through the Americas and Europe and never settled with any one band. A struggling actor who dismissed his song writing as “just a hobby” until a friend persuaded him otherwise. A disillusioned scientist who had realised he was better with a bass guitar than with a computer. The only common ground they had was a love of classic rock and blues.

All was needed now was a vocalist to express these influences. Step forward former Lithuanian pop sensation Donata Sounds, who not only re-stored but also strengthened their sound. Now Cherry White truly are, as they have always said, “the elegant sound of contemporary classic rock, steeped in a barrel of blues.”

Anybody keeping their ear to the ground in London will have heard the first rumblings of blues-rock making a comeback. If Cherry White have their say, this will not just be a blues-rock revival: it will be the blues-rock revolution.

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