Interview: Moses

Indie legends Moses have reunited for a special show at the Rose & Crown on Stow Festival Friday, playing a show with From The Deep, Candidate, Blabbermouth and Bobbing for Apples. We caught up with Paul Mosley from the band to find out more about the reunion show.

Hi Paul. This is your first show together for a while, isn’t it?

It’s out first London show for 7 years. We’ve played one offs around the country when requested but we’ve all been doing our own things for a while now, so its particularly good to be heading back to the ‘Stow, we recorded our first demos here at Bark Studios.

This is the tenth anniversary of you being named one of BBC 6 Music’s ‘Albums of the Year’, right? Looking back, what did that mean for the band?

We were heralded ‘one of the albums of the year’, it was a really big deal for us as such an unknown band. We had been playlisted by Radio 2 with our first single but were on a tiny independent label who couldn’t actually get enough copies into shops to then sell them (this is pre-downloads!) so we thought we’d blown out little chance. It was great to have some positive confirmation we could share with people.

What have you got lined up for your performance at Stow Festival? Any surprises?

We’re pretty surprised to be doing it at all! It’s been 10 years since that album came out and we were very much a cult band. I’ve done 5 solo albums and a bunch of theatre projects since then so I thought Moses were very much consigned to the ‘over-looked’ section of musical history. It has been brilliant to see the enthusiasm for the 10th anniversary shows, people singing along and shouting requests, not just for songs, but for their favourite bits of between song banter. The Stow Fest is our only London show and as my home ground it’s going to be that bit special.

There are five bands at your gig, that’s going to be quite a night, right?

Yes indeed, I think the night is going to run really well, everyone has cracking songs (if I do say so myself) and a bit of a shared vision, clever sardonic songwriting, really hummable tunes and energetic performances. With so many bands on the bill everyone gets on, does their ‘hits’ and gets off sharpish, ‘all killer no filler’ type thing. Hopefully this is a night for both the musos and the casual music fans to really get into. 

What are you all up to for the rest of the year

Moses have 2 more 10th Anniversary shows after The Stow Fest then I will be back in solo mode, finishing off a new album to come out early next year on a lovely folk label called Folkwit. So I’ll be putting the rest of Moses back into their padded flight cases and sealing them up. Until that 20th anniversary…

Moses play the Rose & Crown on Friday 21 September. Entry is £5 on the door.

More about Paul Mosley’s solo work can be found on his website, and here’s a video taster of ‘The Romantic’.

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