Interview: Naz Anine

Naz Anine plays at Le Delice on Stow Festival Saturday with The Uncommon Earth. We caught up with her to look ahead to the show.

Hi Naz Anine. How would you describe your sound?

Soulful vocals and haunting melodies weaved into arrangements that are a fusion of contemporary, classical and middle eastern influences and instruments.

Who are your main influences?

Classical composers Debussy & Chopin; Film composers: Peter Gabriel, Gabriel Yared; Persian and Arabic Classical instrumental music; Persian classical singers Golpayegani, Shahjarian & Hayedeh; Arabic singers: Lena Chamamyan, Julia Boutros, Fairuz; Singer-songwriters India Arie, Susheela Raman, Jeff Buckley; World music singers/composersnYasmin Levy, Natacha Atlas, Niyaz, Nitin Sawhney.

How has the year been for you so far? What have been the highlights?

I started off 2012 with the worldwide digital and physical release of my 5-track Debut EP ‘Because I Love’, I also had the honour to perform songs from my EP at two packed-out concerts in London with virtuoso Oud player and composer Abdul Salam Kheir, who has performed with the likes of Led Zepplin and Shakira.

What can people expect from your gig at The Stow Festival?

An intimate acoustic performance of songs from my Debut EP as well as some arabic interpretations of well known songs such as Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and Nina Simone’s ‘I Put a Spell on You’.

What’s next for you after this? What have you got on the horizon?

I am starting to take persian classical singing lessons which I am hoping will inform and inspire my next album, which I am experimenting with and writing as we speak.

Naz Anine plays Le Delice on Saturday 22 September from 3pm with The Uncommon Earth. Entry to the show is free.

Naz Anine’s Debut EP ‘Because I Love’ is available to download now on iTunes and Amazon. More details are available on her website and Facebook page.

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