Interview: The Uncommon Earth

The Uncommon Earth are performing at Le Delice on Stow Festival Saturday with Naz Anine. The show is one of their first with their new line-up, and they asked us to use a picture of some graves as their band photo, so we thought, we need to find out more about these people!

Hi The Uncommon  Earth. How would you describe your sound? Who are your main influences?

Hi! This should be an easy question but isn’t! Our sounds is a bit difficult to describe, we are a bit folky, a bit psychedelic, but you can also hear avant-garde, Tropicalia, punk and Rock en Español in our sound.  Most of the time when we list our influences we get a lot of blank looks, but big ones would include Syd Barrett, Can, Ornette Coleman, Café Tacuba, The Pretty Things, The Unthanks, Siouxsie and the Banshees…

How has the year been for the band so far? What have been the highlights?

This has been a great year for us. We had a change of our lineup and band name, which was hard at first but led to us rethinking and experimenting a lot. Instead of sticking with one instrument, we’re now all playing lots of different things, and all the band are involved in songwriting too. It means our set is now really different but much better, much more varied in sounds and styles. We’ve been mostly playing open mics whilst we’ve been finding our feet, but now we’re ready to play some full gigs. The Stow Festival is the first one, so it’s going to be a very special show for us.

What can people expect from your show at Stow Festival?

Something different. Songs about love and steeplejacks. Instruments whose names you can’t pronounce. Anna will drop something at some point during the set, it happens without fail.

Will you be sticking around to check out any of the other bands at the festival?

Steve White and the Protest Family – kind of goes without saying really. Jessica Irvine, The Cry Baby, Tom Lynch and The Priscillas all look amazing. And some uncoordinated dancing at Walls of Heartache is an essential.

What’s next for The Uncommon Earth after this? What have you got on the horizon?

We’re looking forward to developing our new sound even more, and at the same time getting it out there and playing a lot! We’re playing Mother Earth at 333 Old Street on 14th November, and more dates to come. Details on our Facebook page!

The Uncommon Earth play Le Delice from 3pm on Saturday 22 September with Naz Anine. Entry is free.

Listen to The Uncommon Earth by clicking here!

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