Dronningen: “We are like a music assault squad!”

Dronningen liveDronningen are an electro-pop/garage band who fizz like a ball of energy. The band are based in East London and play live at Wild Card Brewery on Sunday night to help bring Stow Festival to a close. We spoke to Bea, vocalist and lead guitarist from the band, to find out more.

Hi Bea. Tell us a bit about Dronningen.

We formed in August 2014, although the current line-up has stabilized only 6 months ago. Regardless the short time together it feels like being in a big family. Although we are very different individuals, on stage we are like a music assault squad.

Who are the band’s main influences?

Our music is influenced by a wide range of genres from psychotic electro-synth acts to rock’n roll and indie bands.

First names that come to mind: Kap Bambino, Primal Scream, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Juliette & The Licks, Liars, Hot Chip, Prodigy, Kid Congo Powers, Soulwax.

What can people expect from your Stow Festival performance?

We are a very physically active band on stage. We don’t want people standing like they’re having a cup of tea during our set. Expect a wave of mutilation, ahem…I mean energy and colours.

FirestationsWhat three acts from the festival line-up are you hoping to see?

Lack, The November Five and Firestations (pictured, right).

If Walthamstow was a classic album, what would it be?

Definitely “Parklife” because of the pictures of Blur at the Walthamstow Stadium.

What’s next for the band after Stow Festival?

We are currently recording our debut EP here in London, which will be released later this year. Many gigs coming up soon, keep on eye on our *Royal Blog* [NB: “Dronningen” means”the Queen” in Norwegian] for the latest updates.

Dronningen play Wild Card Brewery on Sunday 20 September. Entry is free.

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