Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind @ Mirth, Marvel & Maud

JJandtheRM coverStow Festival proudly presents a special headline show from Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind on Friday 10 November at Maud @ Mirth, Marvel on Maud on Hoe Street. Tickets £12.50, click here!

Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind don’t so much play gigs as detonate in a catharsis of rock’n’roll that have left audiences breathless and reeling. Having rampaged across Europe in support of their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Super Natural’, Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind now kick off their UK tour for their new single, ‘Something’s Gonna Get Its Hands On You’ at Maud.

Jim Jones has got previous form. Previous incarnations have included The Jim Jones Revue, Black Moses and Thee Hypnotics. Now, Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind have set sail into more exotic but no less thrilling waters as they re-define rock’n’roll for the here and now.

Support for the London date comes from the 10-piece crime gospel rock’n’roll outfit The Future Shape Of Sound, whose upcoming studio album features contributions from Jim Jones, Sister Cookie and Big Boy Bloater. An irresistible and incredible fusion of ingredients that include rock’n’roll, gospel, blues and innate showmanship, this is a spicy musical gumbo that’s not to be missed.

Psychedelic duo The Left Outsides effortlessly weave atmospheric, hypnotic songs with a bucolic and third-eye cleansing sensibility that’s utterly beguiling.

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